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ICAST 2019 Update Coverage

One for the Enthusiasts: The Shimnao Antares A70 Baitcaster with MGIII


Small but Mighty, the Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait
SOLID! The Shimano Bantam MGL Baitcaster

Selecting the right Rod, Reel, and Line for Your Walking Bait Arsenal


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BUBBA Launches New Technical Fishing Apparel for Anglers

Abu Garcia's Revo4 Beast is a Beauty Stanley Jigs Refreshes Their Lineup A Mix of Handling and Power Voodoo in the Witch Doctor Shaman Rods
Trophy Bass Baits's Intriguing SGT Glide Do You Believe in Magic? Our $99 Low Profile Casting Reel Round Up Strike King's Four Wheel Drive : the KVD Squarebill Crank A Spinning Rod with Multiple Personalities : Denali's Lithium L883MS Multi-Spin

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Blocking out the Burn – Buff’s Eclipse Gloves
More and more anglers are making sun protection part of their fishing routine and are turning to garments like facemasks and gloves designed specifically to protect themselves from the sun. These technical garments are not only designed to protect our skin but also improve the overall enjoyment of our time spent outdoors.
Lew's Goes Mg with their Hyper Mag SLP
Introduced during ICAST 2017 as Lew's new top end reel, the Hyper Mag SLP casting reel had barely any time to shine when just one short year later the company introduced the Pro-Ti SLP as their new flagship. What did the Hyper Mag SLP do or not do to deserve such an abrupt demotion? We decided to take one out for a spin to find out.
Give Me a Beat! ... and Make it Wild
A hungry tackle enthusiast is a dangerous thing. Wandering the virtual aisles of your favorite tackle store, searching for that next item to feed that enthusiast soul. Rods, reels, hand made lures, oh, what about swimbaits? What about a hand made swimbait? Yes. Something big, obscenely expensive, and from overseas - maybe Japan...
Cranking It Up with Sunline's Crank FC
When it comes to fluorocarbon fishing line, there are few manufacturers that can rival the catalog of options offered by Sunline. From Shooter to Sniper to Assassin and various leader options, Sunline has a fluorocarbon product to suit a host of different fishing styles and budgets. Now the manufacturer even has specialized fluorocarbon for flipping and cranking.
Putting Finatic's Pro Series FC to the Test
Finatic Tackle is practicing the millennial model of conducting their business through social media. As a result, you won't find their fishing line on any tackle store shelves or pegboards, so if you haven't already had experience with their line through personal experience or a buddy that uses it, the only way to get your hands on product is to buy it on faith.
YGK's Tour Grade FC Has Soul
YGK is the latest of the former JDM exclusive fishing line companies to find their way to the North American Market and here now is our look at their 100% fluorocarbon product. Introducing YGK's G-Soul Tour Grade Fluorocarbon.
A Quality FC Line from Hi-Seas : 100% Fluorocarbon
On a recent discussion with Jeff Kriet, he was touting the fishability of the company's fluorocarbon product. Kriet knows I'm pretty picky about my fluorocarbon line and he assured me the product from Hi-Seas is quality. I took him up on the recommendation and here now is our detailed look at Hi-Seas 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line.
Sunline's Best Selling Fluorocarbon In Our Sights : Sniper
If you read our rod and reel reviews closely, you can generally tell what line reviews are in the works. When it comes to the subject of today's review, those hints may have been easily missed since it already is Sunline's most popular selling fluorocarbon. Better late than never though is our motto, so here now is our long overdue look at Sunline's FC Sniper fluorocarbon line.
Going With The Flow... Glider by 6th Sense Fishing
Perhaps more than any other type of big profile bait, the two-piece glide bait has really taken off in recent years with some really intriguing and effective product. The downside of course, is the majority of these offerings take a big financial commitment to enjoy which in turn can have an effect on your actual enjoyment. 6th Sense has a solution...
ARK Rods's TS73MHFC May Not Be a Printer, But It Is Money
Ark Rods is an intriguing manufacturer. Seemingly out of nowhere they burst onto the scene with an array of smartly priced, smartly styled, performance driven series of sticks. We've been working out way through their Tharp series having good experiences with each stick thus far, and the subject of today's article had a name that was just too difficult to resist. Here's our look at Ark Rods's TS73MHFC Money Maker.
BUFF's Cooling Technology Coming to Spring 2020 Angler Collection
Last Spring BUFF launched its most comfortable and technologically advanced products yet with the introduction of CoolNet UV+® in the Multifunctional Headwear and Multifunctional Headband lines. To enhance its 2020 angler collection, BUFF is now adding elements of the CoolNet UV+® to their other garments...
Why Don't You Call My Name? Evergreen and Zmans' Jack Hammer
Joint ventures are common in the world of business. Companies often team up to combine each other's strengths in the hopes of creating something better than either company could accomplish alone. However, such ventures are uncommon in the fishing world where manufacturers using excuses of cost, effort, difficulty, would just as soon do everything themselves
Bub's Punch Rod Levels Up : iRod AIR IRA7104PRG-H
It's been some time since we've visited with a product from iRod Fishing. Founder Matt Newman was recently in touch to share with us some new models added to both their Air and Genesis II lineups. Today, we take a look at a stick designed by Western Pro, Bub Tosh. Here is iRod Fishing's AIR IRA710PRG-H.

Abu Garcia Begins the Countdown to Liftoff with the 10.1:1 Revo4 Rocket
The race for highest speed, low profile baitcasting reel has accelerated since ratios crested 6.6:1. For a year or two, we had incremental increases above 7.1:1, then after engineering allowed manufacturers to crest 8.0:1, the count up has accelerated another notch. Today, we're here to discuss the very first 10.1:1 low profile baitcasting reel on the market.

Are You Worthy to Possess the Power of Megabass's Warhammer?
Zander and I have been busy getting acquainted with the new, extended models of Megabass of America's current Destroyer lineup, but one stick from the original introduction has been on my list since its debut in 2017...
Opportunity is 2Knocking for Bull Shad Swimbaits
Bull Shad Swimbaits's 2Knocker Swimbait is a six inch, four piece bait patterned after their original Bull Shad we reviewed back in 2010. It is a limited edition bait and not part of their normal production run, so there's no telling if more will be made once the current supply runs out.
Daiwa Introduces a Refreshed Black Label Series - the BLX Bass Rods
At last week's ICAST the spotlight at the Daiwa booth was primarily focused on the company's new Tatula Elite and Certate reels, but the company also launched a complete renewal of the Classic Black Label line called the BLX Bass Series.

Abu Garcia Feeds the Need for Speed, and Refinement, with Two New Sleek Baitcasters
Abu REVO Beast line of reels has been the series that anglers turn to when they need brute strength and winding power. This ICAST the company further strengthened their hard cranking lineup with a trio of new Beast baitcasters that exhibit a rare combination of speed and power.
A New Trailer and Terminal Tackle from Big Bite Baits
When you're a company with as large a catalog as Big Bite Baits, ICAST is usually a time to highlight one or two special projects that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. This year, the company introduced two products that are a bit subtle, but have the potential to make a big splash.

Spro Joins the Spybaiting Agency with the Spin Jon 80
There's nothing like a little spy mission to complete the story on a new bait. Late Summer 2018, we were afforded the opportunity to spend some time with BASS Elite Series Pro, John Crews as he was rounding out tests on a new bait. At ICAST 2019, this bait made its official debut.

Spro Joins the Spybaiting Agency with the Spin Jon 80
Sufix is a line brand under the Rapala umbrella of fishing companies revered for their quality product presented in a very professional package. Their P2 Precision Winding ensures each spool of line is stored perfectly and kink free until you're ready to use that line.

Abu Garcia Feeds the Need for Speed, and Refinement, with Two New Sleek Baitcasters
Abu Garcia continues to expand their popular REVO family of reels and each generation keeps getting faster, more refined, and sleeker in design. This ICAST the company rolled out two lightweight baitcasters, the blisteringly fast Revo SX Rocket and feature rich Revo EXD.
TackleTour's Best of ICAST Award Winners
This 2019 ICAST show has been filled with interesting products, new entrants into mature segments, and even some bold innovations. While There are countless entrants worthy of consideration, these are the products in each category that the Editors at TackleTour highlight as the "Best of ICAST."
Savage Gear Kicks up their Swimbait Game with the Pulsetail Bluegill Series
Savage Gear is no stranger to ICAST and this year the company had a few surprises for attendees including some exceptionally detailed bluegill swimbaits, new topwater baits, and even a new take on treble hooks.
PowerPro Shines Bright - Moon Shine Braid Wins Best of Show in Line Category
These days half of the rigs I fish with on any given day come loaded with braided line. The applications for superline continue to grow, and with many techniques the strength and handling characteristics simply are unmatched. One area where PowerPro saw room to further innovate was in the realm of night fishing, and using their Super8Slick V2 as a foundation they launched Moon Shine at ICAST

Gill Refines Their Outerwear Catalog
Gill, founded in 1975 by British Sailor, Nick Gill, is a leading manufacturer in technical marine apparel. Having set their sights on the bass fishing world roughly a decade ago, the company is responsible for innovations like the Vortex Hood. This year, the company didn't have anything quite as revolutionary, but certainly a few items you might want to add to your radar.

Two New Products from SIMMS Designed to Keep You Cool and Dry
While many apparel companies are relying on alternative materials, Simms continues to leverage the power of Gore-Tex in their garment and this year's new G4Z Stockingfoot Wader features a new, proprietary Gore-Tex material in a 4-layer lower, and 3-layer upper construction.
Arashi Glides Through The Storm
Have you joined the glide bait craze? Maybe you're hesitant and waiting for a dependable, affordable alternative to the high stakes JDM offerings? If so, at this year's ICAST, Storm introduced a bait that may be the answer to your hesitation. Introducing Storm's Arashi Glide.

Daiwa Raises the Spinning Bar with a Trio of New Reels
Daiwa makes some of the most advanced and refined spinning reels on the market, and yet each ICAST they seem to find a way to make these eggbeaters even better. This ICAST the company refreshed the premium Certate, and introduced the world to two brand new lines, the Kage LT and QZ reels.


Rapala Rounds Out Sizes to Attract Bigger Bites
Always a company at the forefront of lure design, Rapala was busy extending the versatility of some proven baits at ICAST this year. Where most companies in recent memory go with smaller versions of proven baits to appeal to a wider audience, Rapala went in the opposite direction to attract bigger bites.

Gamakatsu Expands Their G-Box Series
No matter where you go, you need a method to carry your baits and no matter what bait you're fishing, but especially soft plastics, you need terminal tackle to complete setup. Gamakatsu recognizes this need and presented a couple options for both at ICAST this year.
13 Fishing Boldly Goes Where no Bait has Gone Before with the Motor Boat and Pathfinder Lures
With the same aggressive design approach to lures as the company exhibits when it comes to reels and rods 13 Fishing introduced a pair of potentially game changing hybrid styled lures including the Pathfinder topwater walking bait and Motorboat plastic buzz style lure at ICAST today.
List of ICAST 2019 BEST OF SHOW Category Winner
Minutes ago the 2019 Best of Show category winners were announced at ICAST in Orlando. After voting by buyers and industry media the best of show category winners have been announced and will now compete in another round of voting for the overall Best of Show, which will be announced tomorrow at 2:00PM (EDT)
Shimano Refreshes Stradic Series and Introduces New Intenza Casting Rods
While the SLX DC reel is getting the majority of the spotlight at the Shimano booth the company also rolled out a number of new products that also are of note including an update to their workhorse Stradic Series of spinning reels and the introduction on a new casting rod lineup called Intenza. 

Jackall Introduces iSHAD Finesse Plastics and Keeburn Blades Baits
Whether you want to catch reaction or finesse fish Jackall has both sides of the spectrum covered this year with the launch of the iSHAD plastics and their new circuit body based blade called the Keeburn.

Lew's New Introductions Are Not to Be Taken Lite-ly
With each passing year at ICAST, Lew's booth seems to be filled with product that is more and more diverse. It's obvious the company wants to be known for more than just fishing reels and this year, they have a few more products that serve as evidence of their broader goals.

AFTCO Extends Their Catalog of Product - Submersible Shorts and Leader
Bursting onto the freshwater fishing scene just a few short years ago, AFTCO has done an excellent job outfitting anglers with the apparel they need to shield themselves from the elements. At ICAST this year, the company was busing filling in some needs, extending others, and branching into new realms.

13 Fishing Integrates Carbon into their Enthusiast BOSS Reels and FUSE Rods
13 Fishing continues to be one of the most progressive tackle companies, and is willing to make bold moves when it comes to use of new materials, approaching tackle design with a fresh set of design philosophies, and pushing the envelope in sheer fun factor. This year the company has literally fused carbon into their enthusiast offerings with the Concept BOSS baitcasters and FUSE Rods.
LIVETARGET Unveils Baits with Injected Core Tech for more Realistic Patterns and Actions
If there is one lure manufacturer that seems to own ICAST it has to be LIVETARGET. The brand continually delivers hits and wins at the show with their ultra-realistic match the hatch designs. This year the company focused on their Injected Core Technology™ (ICT) which strives to deliver the most realistic patterns with the most desirable actions with a specialized injection process.
Z-Man is Ready for Some Football!
Z-Man is a company always prepared for the fishing industries largest trade show. This year was no different as the company extended their investment in two specialized techniques and expanded their offering in another.
Daiwa Expands Popular Tatula Series With New Elite and Elite Pitch and Flip Baitcasters
The Daiwa Tatula has gotten good, like really good, and as good as some previous generation Zillions. Last ICAST Daiwa introduced the smaller more ergonomic new Tatula profile and the market responded. Today the Tatula Series is a top seller for Daiwa and this ICAST the company further expanded the line with the further refined Tatula Elite and Elite Pitch and Flip models. 
GLoomis Doubles Down on IMX Pro - New MBR, SJR, and CR Bass Rods
The IMX-Pro line has been a winner for the company which is known by many for their high end GLX and NRX lines. Last season the IMX-Pro line went application specific and brought back many of the actions that G.Loomis Mag Bass fans loved. This season the company is doubling down, and introducing 17 new "Classic Action" rods.










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