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ICAST 2018 Coverage



13 Fishing Enters the Hardbait Market - Meet the Scamp


Date: 7/24/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: 13 Fishing continues breaking into new categories by introducing a series of new hardbaits designed for bass anglers. The team has been working on these baits for quite some time and this ICAST they debuted baits for use throughout the water column including a crankbait, lipless crank, and topwater walk-the-dog style bait.


Probably the most unique of the new 13 Fishing hardbaits is the carbon billed Scamp crankbait


Scamp: The flagship lure in 13 Fishing's line is the Scamp, a shallow diving crankbait that features a bill constructed out of carbon. 13 Fishing calls this their "Airfoil Carbon" bill and because the material is so strong it can be ultra thin. The benefits of this are enhanced feel while still maintaining durability.


The Airfoil Carbon bill is strong and yet incredibly thin


The lightweight Airfoil Carbon bill also improves the bait's float rate so that it backs up quickly and over obstacles after deflection. The bait also features a tapered tail for an increased hookup ratio. Each bait is armed with a pair of Mustad KVD Elite Triple Gap treble hooks connected via black nickel hardware.


Talk about a lot of patterns! Twenty five to be exact!


The Scamp we be available in 1.5 and 2.5 sizes and a dizzying array of patterns, twenty five to be exact. The paint finishes on the baits we saw at ICAST were impressive, for example some of the baits featured a multi-layered finish so that when the bait is retrieved the translucent underbelly would show the inner color on each wobble, which results in the bait appearing to flash in the water. I captured this effect during the show here. The Scamp 1.5 will retail for $10.99 and the larger 2.5 size will retail for $11.99 each.


The 13 Fishing hardbaits featured some very impressive finishes


Pro-V: No hardbait lineup would be complete without a lipless crank and 13 Fishing's offering is called the Pro-V. This bait features a streamlined body that creates a tight swimming action. There is a weight inserted into the head of the lure to give the bait a forward weighted design that improves casting distance and accuracy. Like the Scamp the Pro-V has a tapered edge on the tail to improve hookup ratios. 


The variety of patterns included both translucent and opaque and shiny and matte finishes, all of which were very detailed


The Pro-V is available in a wide range of colors, many of which match the Scamp options. There are a wide range of translucent and opaque patterns, as well as both glossy and matte options. The Pro-V will retail for $11.99 each.


The Dual Pitch is a topwater pencil that features a dual weighting system with two different weight materials, stainless steel and tungsten, to generate a unique sound profile


Dual Pitch Pencil: For topwater fans the Dual Pitch is 13 Fishing's new topwater walker. This bait features a familiar cigar shape that is designed to glide across the surface as you twitch you rod.


Turned slightly over and you can see the interior paint finish which creates a flashing action as the bait moves side to side


What makes the Dual Pitch unique from the countless walking baits on the market is the double weighted design that makes use of two separate knocker chambers, one in the front on the bait and another in the rear, and house bearings made of steel in the front and tungsten and the back. The result is a bait that emits two loud and distinct sound pitches (steel = higher pitch, tungsten = lower pitch) as it is worked across the surface to call bass from far away.


The Tungsten rattle also serves a dual purpose and is basically a weight transfer system to improve casting distance. The Dual Pitch also features an extra wide head that increases buoyancy that is designed to help make walking side to side easier during retrieves. The Dual Pitch will be available in both 94mm and 108mm sizes and retail for $9.99 and $11.99 respectively. The Dual Pitch, as well as the other two new baits, will be available for purchase in the January 2019 timeframe as the company ramps production over the next few months.


Jose Chavez led the lure development team that introduced all three new baits


Jose Chavez at 13 Fishing led the lure development for these baits and it was impressive that the company launched not one, but three complete hardbait lines at the show. While some companies would test the water with a few sizes and a handful of patterns 13 Fishing went big by introducing over a hundred new skus with the introduction of all these hardbaits in a wide array of sizes and patterns. Go Big or Go Home, a concept so many of us can relate to.










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