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Buff Chills Out with Coolnet UV+ Garments


Date: 7/24/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Buff
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Probably the most simple and now most widely utilized garment by anglers is the Buff, a tubular garment that can be worn so many different ways to protect anglers from the harsh sun on those long days out on the water. This ICAST the company that pretty much created the category for these garments introduced a new series called Coolnet UV+ that is designed to offer even more technical advantages for anglers.


Every angler is now familiar with the iconic Buff garment and this year the company is introducing a new material called Coolnet UV+


A Buffer Buff: The Buff brand is synonymous with the tubular garment that the company is famous for. Though there are now many companies that have imitated these garments the brand is like "Kleenex," and no matter the brand most anglers simply refer to the multipurpose garments as "Buffs." This year the company is taking their garments to the next level with the introduction of the next generation of UV sun protection, the Coolnet UV+ Buff.


The talented fly fishing artist A.D. Maddox has now partnered with Buff to introduce new signature garments


The new Coolnet UV+ Buffs are engineered with 100% REPREVE Performance Microfiber which means that the garments are made out of recycled bottles. That's right, recycled bottles! These everyday plastic bottles are collected, washed, and chopped into flakes that are then melted and extruded into REPREVE microfiber polyester which is seamlessly woven with elastane to create the four way ultra stretch fabric that is 20% lighter than previous materials.


The company now offers stylish and functional hats that match Buffs


The Coolnet UV+ Buffs offer some rich features including what the company calls HeiQ moisture management technology that is designed to vaporize moisture reducing body heat to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable all day long. 


Masks take the Buff concept to the next level with more protection for the neck and shoulder areas and can be worn under or over a shirt


Typically the number one reason that anglers, including myself, wear Buffs is for their protection from the sun. The Coolnet UV+ Buffs offer UPF50+ sun protection and Polygene odor control, keeping fishing and comfortable on the brightest and hottest days longer. There are an assortment of new Coolnet UV+ garments including traditional Buffs for $24 dollars, insect shield versions for $28 dollars, and headbands for $15 dollars each.


Need arm protection with any short sleeve shirt? Buff has UV arm sleeves


More than just Buffs: While most anglers started wearing Buffs for protection from the elements they have also become a fashion statement. Buff has partnered with a number of artists like Guy Harvey, Android Jones, DeYoung, and now talented fly fishing artist A.D. Maddox has joined the team to create signature Buff garments. These artistic functional garments typically retail for just a dollar or two more than the standard patterns.


Complete gloves, fingerless gloves, silicon grip, Buff has a glove for just about every application


Buff now has a complete range of guides from basic sun gloves to robust versions suitable for guide work. To pair with these gloves the company also has a range of UV arm sleeves that basically convert any short sleeve shirt into a viable fishing garment.


Unlike many competing garments that restrict your movement these UV sleeves have four way stretch offering just enough compression to stay in position without negatively affecting casting motions.


These sun sleeves provide UPF 40+ protection and are breathable with antimicrobial fabric to help control odors. Each set of UV arm sleeves retails for $25 dollars.


Thanks to Casey Rolig for showing us the complete line of new Buff products


Buff is also introducing more masks which are basically the combination of a Buff and a shoulder garment to eliminate any exposure below the neck. These masks form over the back of the head for an enhanced fit and streamlined look and can be worn inside or outside a shirt for more complete head and neck protection. These Buff masks will etail for around $37 dollars each. Buff had a wide array of garments on display at the show, proving that they are more than a one-hit wonder. If your looking for sun protection that is both technical and comfortable to wear all day long Buff has you covered.










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