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Jackall expands their Surface Bait Offering with the Chopcut and Riserbait


Date: 7/11/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: We are always eager to check out what Jackall has to offer and this year the company is focused on expanding their hardbait lineup, and especially those that are designed to target fish on the surface.


Jackall introduced a new topwater propbait called the Chopcut


Chop it Up: The biggest launch for Jackall this ICAST is a new prop bait called the Chopcut. We had an opportunity to fish this bait last week and can attest to just how much water the bait is able to move with the lure's unique propeller design.


The Chopcut features an asymmetrical prop design to ensure proper rotation and can create different sounds depending on retrieve speed


The Chopcut literally chops through the water like a plane in the air but does so with an asymmetrical prop design that allows for different noises depending on the retrieve speed of the bait. It is also designed so that no matter what speed you retrieve the bait that it will always exhibit the proper rotation.


The bait will be available in six colors including the Bone, HL Bluegill, and Green Frog seen here


A front wire and a swiveling line tie prevent the line from tangling with the prop and the Chopcut is designed to run on the side imitating an injured or fleeing baitfish while a swiveling front hook mounted on the underside helps prevent bass from spitting the lure. The Chopcut measures 3.25" in length and weighs in at .8oz., and will retail for $22.99.


Another new surface bait is the Riserbait 009PS


Rise Up: The second bait that Jackall is introducing this ICAST is the slick looking Riser 009PS which has the same unique upward angled lip as the Riser 007 but now features a cupped lip and larger body.


The Riserbait features a slender profile and metal lip


The Riser 009PS's larger design enables it to create bigger disturbances on the surface, drawing fish in from a distance. An open mouth design and gill slits create a bubble trail in the wake of the bait as it is retrieved.


There will be size different colors available


While the smaller size was so light it was best fished with spinning gear the new Riser Bait 009PS is 3.3" in length and weighs .75oz. making it a great bait to toss with baitcasting gear.


Ariel shows us the two new offerings from Jackall this year. Time to get our topwater game on!


The Riser makes use of various materials in the bait's construction including a metal bill design and prop design to create more flash as well as remaining very consistent as it is fished. The new Riser Bait will be available in six colors including Bluegill, Bone White, Chartreuse Back Pearl, Mirror Wakasagi, RT Hold Minnow, and Threadfin Shad. This bait is so new that it isn't even out in Japan yet, and the samples at the show had hand cut props! The Riserbait is coming to the US first in about a month and will retail for $14.99. Time to tune up our topwater game!










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