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Live Target's Crawfish Hollow Body - The Most Talked About Bait of the Show


Date: 7/18/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Live Target
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Live Target has a well earned reputation for innovating and creating some of the most realistic looking baits that the industry has ever seen. It doesn't matter what style of bait, the company always seems to find a way to put their own spin on the design, making it more lifelike. This year was no different and the company came in strong with their new Hollow Body Craw, a bait that was probably the single most talked about lure of the show.


Hollow bodied bait? Hard weighted Jig? A Bit of Both? Meet the Live Target Hollow Body Craw


The Hollow Body Craw, a new hybrid take on jigs: There are a lot of jigs on the market but none quite like the new jig that Live Target introduced this year. The Hollow Body Craw combines the best of a jig and pig together into the most realistic looking crawfish jig that we have ever seen.


With a realistic profile and claws this bait comes in all the popular patterns to help anglers match the hatch


This craw starts by building a platform from the actual anatomy of a crawfish. the lure's hollow head and cephalothrax anchor into a weighted jig base, The head of the hollow body comes up and meets the hookpoint making the jig even more weedless without compromising any of the realism. Very clever!


Check out the profile of this ultra realistic jig. It is hard to tell where the jig ends and the hollow body begins


The eyelet of the bait is strategically positioned at the top of the slightly curved abdomen which is designed to cause the lure to be retrieved or jigged in a more natural presentation. As the crawfish moves in reverse the head, pincers, antennae all provide extra realism showcasing the characteristics of a defensive craw.


The soft hollow head also acts as the weedguard.... genius


The detail really is in the design when it comes to all Live Target baits and the Craw's internal jig head weight produces the tapping and clacking sounds to further mimic prey and attract bass from longer distances. Should anglers want even more sound rattle tubes an also be inserted into the bait's hollow body. Want to add even more triggers? How about squeezing scent into the hollow cavity This jig has it all!


A look at the retail packaging


The new Hollow Body Craw will be available in three lengths and weights (1 1/2" and 3/8oz; 1 3/4" and 1/2oz; or 2" and 3/4oz.) and will come in eight ultra realistic patterns. These exciting lures will be available late fall 2018 and will retail for $9.99-$10.99 each.


A variety of sizes for anglers to pick from


Freshwater Anglers get Crawfish, Saltwater Angler have Shrimp on the Menu: Utilizing a very similar design as the Hollow Body Craw the company also introduced a saltwater Fleeing Shrimp which is a soft lure paired with an ergonomically shaped jighead. Like the crawfish the profile of this bait is pretty incredible, and looks more like an actual shrimp than it does an artificial jig.


Using a similar design with a plastic body is the Fleeing Shrimp for salt anglers


The hook is not quite as disguised on the Fleeing Shrimp as it comes off the up of the top of the bait but the legs and whiskers on the bait look very realistic. The skirt is designed to fold together like the front legs of a shrimp and when the bait comes to rest on the bottom it stands upright with the head tipped slightly upward. There isn't a hollow chamber to add scent on this bait so Live Target does it for you by impregnating the plastic lure with long-lasting natural shrimp scent. 


Lot's of different patterns


The Fleeing Shrimp will also be available late Fall and will come in two lengths and weights (2 3/4" and 1/4oz, and 3 1/2" and 1/2oz.) and will come in eight lifelike patterns for a price of $9.99 each.


There are some baits out there that you just take one glance at and can remark how "fishy" they look. Both the new Craw and Shrimp baits take jigs to the next level, showing everyone once again that no matter what style of lure there is still room to innovate.


The Shrimp's hook comes out of the head of the bait


At the show the Live Target booth was constantly swamped with media and buyers wanting to get a closer look at these baits so it really was no surprise that the company took home yet another Best of Show in the Soft Lure category with these jigs. A jig winning in the soft lure category? Wild! One can only wonder what is next on the menu from the team at Live Target.










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