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ICAST 2018 Coverage


Quantum Re-Focuses their Value Propositions


Date: 7/11/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: Cal

Quantum's S3 engineering effort to refine their Tour PT and Smoke reels last year was a great success. This year, it was time to concentrate on one of their best selling reels, and solidify their position in the value segment of low profile baitcasting reels.


The Accurist has been one of Quantum's top selling lines.


This year, Accurist receives the S3 treatment.


Accurist S3: Where most manufacturers offering a price point $99 low profile baitcasting reel are relying upon graphite or other composite materials to serve as the frame for their reel, Quantum has held stead fast in their use of aluminum with their Accurist reels. This year, the Accurist receives refinements such as an externally adjustable braking system, 9 bearings, a reinstated flipping switch, and two popular retrieve ratios (6.3:1 & 7.0:1 - both left and right hand). Quantum includes these enhancements yet is able to maintain the Accurist's price point at $99.99.


With guts redesigned for 2019, the reel's frame remains aluminum..


New color options are available made to appeal to youth anglers.


Our Editor in Chief had a sports car, not too long ago in this same shade of blue! It was called Laguna Seca


Accurist Spinning is included in all of these revamps and color offerings.


In an effort to appeal to the younger demographic, Quantum is also offering some bright color options for their Accurist S3 reels complete with color coordinated rods. This applies to both the spinning and casting version of the Accurist with the rods. Combos will retail for $149.99 and offer a fun option to introduce your little ones to the sport of fishing.

Matching rods to go with the colorful reel options.

Accurist will also be offered in an inshore model with no flipping switch.

In a spinning counterpart as well.


How does Quantum celebrate one of their prostaff who just so happens to have back to back BASS Classic wins? How about his own series of rods?.

Jordan Lee Signature Rods : Jordan Lee is one of only three anglers to win back to back Bassmaster Classic tournaments and he accomplished that feet at only 26 years of age. The back to back win just happens to coincide with the launch of his new J-Lee series of rods with Quantum. These sticks have been in the works for several years and have been developed with direct input by Jordan Lee on every aspect of the stick.

Jordan Lee's input was integral to the development of these sticks.

The J-Lee signature sticks will retail for just $99.

Built with HSX60 graphite using source material from Toray, each rod was designed with a specific purpose in mind all with just the right amount of backbone and tip for a series of rods with very good sensitivity. They feature cork handles (a special request by Jordan Lee) and guides with stainless steel frames and aluminum oxide inserts. There are two spinning rods and six casting rods in the lineup and retail is set for only $99 per stick.

Thank you to Chris Littau and Mike Whitman for taking the time to introduce us to Quantum's 2019 new products.

Perhaps not as exciting as Tour PT or Smoke, the Accurist S3 lineup represents core values for Quantum enabling them to offer their latest engineering designs in a package that doesn't break the bank. That $99 price point in a low profile baitcasting reel is the most hotly contested and to be able and offer a reel with an aluminum frame, 9 bearings, and the endangered flipping switch, speaks to the commitment Quantum has in delivering a solid product that performs.










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