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ICAST 2018 Coverage


Locally Sourced and Produced Zee Bait Co.


Date: 7/15/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Zee Bait Co.
Reviewer: Cal

In a little town, about an hour outside of Philadelphia, PA, is where Hunter Grogan, founder, bait maker, head of sales, marketing, shipping, inventory, quality control, maintenance, janitorial services, power, lights, water, runs an operation know as Zee Bait Co.. Zee Bait Co.'s primary offering is soft plastic baits and scents, but they also offer a line of branded apparel and custom rods! We caught up with Grogan and his crew at ICAST to see what they have cooking.


New for Zee Bait Co. this year is the Twig 4.0.


The Twig 4.0: Zee Bait Co. has a full catalog of baits, but we asked Grogan and his team to highlight what's new with the company. First up is the Twig 4.0. It's a four inch, soft plastic stick bait made of a soft, yet very durable plastic. Prostaffer Preston Maples was quick to point out he's had several, double digit bass days during testing, where he needed only one or two Twig 4.0s to get him through the day.


The Twig 4.0 is made from a durable, scent infused plastic.


Dom Enz, Grogan's right hand man, explained one of the key characteristics of the Twig 4.0 and really, all the soft plastic baits that Zee Bait Co. offers is the infusion of fish attractant scent that causes the fish to hold on just a little longer so you have time to set the hook. The Twig 4.0 will be available in 9 colors.


It will be available in 9 different colors.


The Arma Craw 4.25 is also new for the company this year.


Arma Craw 4.25: Next up is a trailer bait with the unique design of having the claw and antennae coming out of the same appendage on each side of the bait. The Arma Craw is a four and a quarter inch bait soon to be available in seven different colors and appropriately infused with a craw scent attractant.


Each appendage splits off into both a claw and antennae.


Zee Bait Co also offers terminal tackle.

Super Swing & Standups: Making things easy for the consumer to keep everything within the same family is a new line of terminal tackle by Zee Bait Co. including a swinging hook jighead, the Super Swing, made in seven different weights with either a 3/0 or 4/0 Gamakatsu hook, and their Super Stand Ups jig head. The latter is a shakey style stand up football head offered in four sizes each with Mustad Ultra Point Hooks and a screw lock bait keeper.

These standup jig heads are made with Mustad hooks.

Zee Bait is sharing some of their secret sauce.

Bass Syrup: Last but certainly not least is a line of fish attractant scents, some of which can be found in the company's soft plastic baits. Bass Syrup is offered in several different scents including Shad, Craw, Anise & Garlic, and new for this year, Earthworm. These are concentrated, oil based scents requiring only 2-3 drops per bait, or 8-10 drops for an entire bag of baits.

Four scents from which to choose, each in super concentrated form.

Thanks to Hunter Grogan (second from the right) and his team for introducing us to Zee Bait Co and sharing what's new!

Conclusion: Keep an eye on the company's website for pricing and availability as the new products make their way onto their retail site. They have at least six other soft plastic baits in their current catalog at least two of which are not something typically seen from other bait companies. Grogan sure to point out all his products are made right here in the US, so if you like your soft plastics durable, infused with unique scents, and locally sourced, Zee Bait Co. has something for you.










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