Trophy Anglers' Tackle Co.


Thank You for your interest in Trophy Anglers' Tackle Co. You have made it to the home of the Original Trophy Anglers' Livewell. Check out the great features on the most versatile fish keeping device on the market today!



  • Allows you to quickly release the fish comfortably suspended back into it's own natural environment, and keep your fish too.
  • Tows right along side your boat while casting the shoreline, other structure, or while trolling.
  • Fishes with you by stabilizing your troll for less oversteering.
  • Works as a drift control sock while drift fishing.
  • The shape and design allow it to move over, through, and around most any stucture with ease.
  • Submerge with an anchor from the bottom handle, to keep colder water species in the oxygen rich thermocline, or to protect your catch during bad weather.
  • The inner handle allows you to "corner" a fish if you want take out just one or two, without having to disturb the rest of the fish, by taking the whole catch out of the water.
  • Works great at the dock to keep fish for days before you prepare them for the table, or release them.
  • No chemical sedation is required.
  • Sturdy construction to protect your catch from obstructions, predators, or rough weather conditions.
  • Made of a soft pliable mesh that does not scuff the fishes slime layer.
  • The green color absorbs UV light to protect the fish from the sun, and shade their environment like weed cover does.
  • The patented self assisted opening allows the top to be opened with one hand, while you control the fish with the other.
  • The depth adjustment lines on the side allow you to adapt the Livewell according to depth of the water, to accomodate a faster troll by reducing drag. Allow all the depth of the Livewell to use as a drift sock.
  • Use as a fish hospital before you release a fish back to the harsh wild conditions.
  • Fishermen can actually aid in the management of our invaluable resources, rather than just take from them.


So take a Trophy Anglers' Livewell with you the next time you go fishing, it "keeps fish alive longer"