Trophy Anglers' Tackle Co.

   When you come from a family that has fished throughout its history, generations that have ranged from Europe to Canada and now the US, you can't help but learn to appreciate the idea of preserving fish and fish habitat. Over the years we have seen plenty of trophy fish and  your plain ol' eater size fish grace many a camp kitchen, wall, or photo album. But, unfortunately we have also seen a lot of good fish go to waste due to some inadequate or just plain out dated fishing practices such as buckets and stringers. Even boat livewells force the fish to breathe CO2, ammonia, and breathe in water that has been chemicalized or tranquilized.

That is why we have created the Trophy Anglers' Livewell. Instead of depleting one of our most precious natural resources, the Trophy Anglers' Livewell provides the opportunity for every fisherman to actually assist in the cultivation and propagation of our fish populations. Yes, now there is another way to help improve everyone's chances of catching their limit or landing that trophy. Take the Trophy Anglers' Livewell along the next time you go fishing and we all can help improve the fishery. We can also improve the quality of the fish we bring home to our families. We firmly believe the only reason anyone didn't like fish was because the fish they ate weren't any good for various reasons, such as dying on the stringer, in the bucket, or even in the boat livewell. The common denominator is the fish were dead far too long to be fresh. The longer you can keep a fish alive the better it will be at the table.

The Trophy Anglers' Livewell allows you to release the fish that you just caught quickly and unharmed and keep it, comfortable suspended in its own natural environment. The versatility of the Trophy Anglers' Livewell also lets you use it in varying ways in order to care for your catch. Keep your catch on the end of the dock, or submerge the Livewell in case of bad weeather or to keep your catch in a more preferred temperature and oxygen level.If the preferred temperature isnt known, we suggest 55 degrees farenheit is  a good general temperature in which to do this. It will generally not be necessary to submerge the Livewell in more than 15 feet of water in order to find a good temperature and oxygen level. However temperatures will vary from region to region, and from season to season. Also a good spot to submerge the Livewell would be near cooler moving water. The Livewell is towed alongside the boat as well. It serves as a counter balance to the interference of wind, so it allows for better boat control while casting shorelines or other structure. It features 4 depth adjustment strings, placed at quarter intervals and woven into the walls of the Livewell, which raises the bottom ring thereby accomodating shallow water less than the 22" depth of the livewell. Because of the Livewell's shape and the materials used, it moves over, through, and around any structure situation with ease. it doesnt even mind stick ups, laydowns and deadheads. There is a drawstring top that opens automatically with one hand while you control the fish with the other, allowing you to put the fish right back in the water they came from. Trolling is still an option as well, while maintaining a troll with a spinner rig or crankbait. The Trophy Anglers' Livewell can also be used as a drift sock by letting out a little tow line. also because the top ring causes a suction to the water surface you get less bow bobbing as well as a slowed drift. Many professional anglers agree that boat control is key to catching fish. the sturdy construction protects your catch from predators of all types. we have seen turtles fail, and have never seen a predator able to accomplish the taking of fish or the damage of the Livewell, especially if it is kept submerged. Yet the soft pliable netting doesnt harm the fish in the way that wire baskets, buckets, stringers, or even the hard sides of a boat livewell. The Trophy Anglers' Livewell is the answer to keeping fish long term as well, such as going into the wilderness where boat livewells won't do any good. So you see the Trophy Anglers' Livewell is the most versatile fish keeping device on the market today. Yet it is more than just a fish keeping device, it is the floating fish basket that keeps fish alive longer!


Written by Mick Nelson — October 07, 2014