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Any day I'm able to be on the water is better than a day when I can't. There is a plethora of reasons to be denied as I make that decision, whether to "hit the lake", or stay in. There have been just as many days as reasons not to go, where I was wrong about my decision to be there. Many of those days go into the category of "adventure" or "an experience you can't get on the couch at home". Euphemisms for "I shouldn't have been there". However there are those days that kind of say "go home and take a nap", or "get inside and thaw out my hands, I can't feel the rod let alone a bite!", but the fish still bite. So we created the "Hot Rod Handle Wrap". It is a hand warmer for your fishing rod handle. It helps you keep your hands out of your pockets and on your rod. 90% of all hook sets happen while holding the rod...... In all seriousness though it does help to power through those days that want to chase you in, and some of those days can be gangbusters. It's useful for almost any cold hands fishing situation, such as big fall smallies on Erie, or early season walleyes on Mille Lacs. It's great during ice fishing season too. I even use them on the shooting rail while hunting, or on my rifle wrist so I keep my firearm ready in hand for that moment of truth. Simply add any "charcoal pillow" type handwarmer and wrap around the reel seat area of your rod and fish. As long as the charcoal pad stays dry, your hand will stay warm while holding the rod. Instead of big heavy gloves where you can't feel anything or your hands get too cold to operate, you can just keep fishing. Doubling the active fishing time doubles the chances for actual fish. When it's not so cold a charcoal heater isn't needed, but still cool enough, you can use it with just the insulating foam and still keep your hand warm while fishing. Not instead of fishing. So order your Hot Rod Handle Wrap today and get out in the "not so sure days" and find out just what might happen when you can just keep fishing. Good luck out there. Don't catch em all, save some for me.

Written by Mick Nelson — February 09, 2015