Trophy Anglers' Tackle Co.

photo by Mick NelsonTake care of your stuff, my Dad always said. I hated it, it wasn't the fun of doing it. He hounded us boys on this. Not because he loved things and not out of some convoluted idea that it was a status symbol. No, it was out of a great respect for the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to bear down and work hard enough to even attain these things. His attitude was a virtue. He was no stranger to the blood, sweat , and tears as a carpenter and a sheet metal tradesman. He had tools (some are still around) that are older than me (let it suffice-I'm old), and they are still in service. My boat is in very good working order. It may have a few battle scars but that's ok, it shows character. I've owned it since 1989. I have no need to replace it. With taking care of it, I may never have to.

As with the Original Trophy Anglers' Livewell, if you take care of it, it can/will last a lifetime. In fact I still have one in use from 1989 (maybe before that). With some simple steps yours can/will last "forever" too. After filling the Livewell and then filling the freezer (with a legal bag limit), all that is needed is to thoroughly rinse the Livewell and hang outside to dry. Usually by the time I pack up the truck and load the boat, the Livewell is dry. Simple as that. I would seriously recommend this if used in saltwater. If you fish the salt you know how necessary it is to thoroughly rinse down EVERYTHING before storing. Another good reason to thoroughly dry (preferably in the sunshine too) is to prevent the spread of invasive species. Then they rest in the boat in my garage and I have never had an odor problem as long as I do that simple task of taking care of my stuff.... Thanks Dad.

Written by Mick Nelson — September 30, 2016