Trophy Anglers' Tackle Co.

  Trophy Anglers' Tackle Co. was an endeavor started in 1987 by myself and my brother Dan Nelson. I invented the Trophy Anglers' Livewell in 1985, after failed attempts to keep fish from being destroyed during camping trips by various scavengers like raccoons, weasels, turtles, and gulls or buckets, wire baskets, stringers, and even boat livewells. I developed the idea, and with my partner's help, together we refined the concepts that go into this product. A simple concept of putting the fish right back in the water they came from. It equates to less stress on the fish, no need for chemical sedation even. The fish is placed in a calm shaded environment. It has been seen that fish actually try to get in it, or under it, or generally use it as cover. 

    From the 1950's and '60s, we were raised around the famed Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota and surrounding areas. When you come from a family that has fished for generations, you can't help but learn to appreciate the concept of resource and habitat conservation. Over the years we have seen plenty of trophy size fish and just your average everyday "eater" grace many a camp kitchen or photo  album. But unfortunately we have also seen a lot of good fish go to waste due to some inadequate or simply "ole fashioned" fishing practices. That is why we have created theTrophy Anglers' Livewell. Instead of depleting one of our most valued resources, the Trophy Anglers' Livewell provides every fisherman the opportunity to actually assist in the propagation of America's fisheries, or that of the world, or the one in your own backyard, by taking some fish or releasing fish that will actually survive, we can all contribute to the sustainability of this invaluable resource. If you would like to contact us, ask a question,or find out more about Trophy Anglers' Tackle products, send us an email below. Take the Trophy Anglers' Livewell along the next time you go fishing and you'll see it keeps fish alive longer! Good luck!