Trophy Anglers' Tackle Co.

Driftrol Tow Leash

6' nylon Driftrol Tow Leash. The addition of the Driftrol Tow Leash assists in more controlled drifting or trolling. The Driftrol Tow Leash pulls from a more natural direction, as it is easily moved to the most effective pulling angle, which allows more trolling speed. The 6' length is best for drifting as the more line out the more drag from the Livewell, as a drift sock. Connect to the tow rings on the Trophy Anglers' Livewell and lash the handle to a boat cleat. Front or back depending on your choice of drift or troll. It is easily looped through the anchor eye, then attached to the bottom ring and the Livewell is ready to be submerged. Tie a marker buoy to your anchor rope for retrieval if the Livewell is left submerged.