Trophy Anglers' Tackle Co.

Trophy Anglers' Livewell

    The Trophy Anglers' Livewell® keeps fish alive longer. It is truly the most versatile fish keeping device on the market. It fishes with you alongside your boat as you troll the shorelines for Bass. It is the perfect panfish basket, or you can submerge it to keep colder water fish such as Walleye and Trout, in their preferred depth or temperature, in the oxygen rich thermocline. The Trophy Anglers' Livewell® is perfect for your favorite trout stream as well, it packs in light at only around 2.5 lbs. The Trophy Anglers' Livewell® can also be used to keep bait, especially sensitive baitfish, alive too. The Trophy Anglers' Livewell® works as a hospital for recovering fish, in that they are put straight back into their own environment. Only this environment is enhanced by the "basket". The mesh netting does not harm the fishes slime layer the way wire baskets do, which is crucial to the fish's natural defense from disease and bacteria, and shades the fish from the sun, leaving them calm in shaded cover. It has been seen that fish even want to get in it! 

    The top ring floats, and the bottom ring sinks, thus suspending the "basket" open for the fish to swim in the 22' diameter and 22' deep chamber. Simulating cover in the environment they just came from. The assisted opening top allows the Trophy Anglers' Livewell® to be opened with one hand, while you control your fish with the other. Then simply place the fish back in the water inside the Trophy Anglers' Livewell® and cinch the top closed. The depth adjustment strings on the side allow it to be towed with you in shallower water or to change the lead side for a faster troll, in order to keep the bottom down. You can attach an anchor to the mooring rings, or to the hand strap on the bottom and submerge your catch to the preferred depth and temperature. It can be kept alongside your boat, or right under your dock. The Trophy Anglers' Livewell® will keep anything that swims alive longer.